Policy Issues

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Common Sense Politics

It is not my intention to offer the usual style of politics. Instead of talking about the problems, I will show how these problems can be addressed and where the money will be found to solve these problems through the implementation of common sense policies.

We have to say no to Europe when unjust laws are inflicted on us, resulting in hardship. For example, when young people, families and those on small incomes are being forced to pay exorbitant motor tax on pre 2008 cars, when farmers are not allowed to cut turf, the water charges etc.

We must return to being a society where people come first. We are told the EU is a Democratic
Institution, yet when we have to say yes to every law, even when it’s not in the best interest of our citizens, then it’s a Dictatorship.

Is this what the good people of 1916 died for?