I will fight to have Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan and Donegal border counties designated as a Special Region of Innovation.
We are the most peripheral western region in Europe, yet we are the most neglected. The challenges presented by a volatile currency and a lower tax rate across the border makes it difficult for businesses to compete. There needs to be a special tax incentive put in place in this area. This would be an added attraction for companies to invest in this region.
As a designated Region of Innovation I will fight that In addition to the allocated funds to Ireland from the €80 billion EU 2020 Horizon fund, that an additional allocation be made to this Region of Innovation. This will offer huge opportunities to every town and village in this constituency.
The money is coming from Europe therefore this initiative will not be a drain on tax payers money.

The most successful way to reduce taxation is to increase employment. Small and Medium size businesses are the life blood of the economy and should be supported. The unfair tax system for the self employed is preventing growth in that area. This needs to be addressed to encourage and support entrepreneurship.

As part of my Masters I have a diploma in Strategy and Innovation. I am qualified to do what I am proposing. I will work with community groups throughout the constituency to plan and apply for grants for community projects.
We need Innovation to find new ways to do things, to offer new services, to give hope to many people living on the brink of poverty, to stop the emigration of our young people. We need to reduce taxes and educate our young, provide services to the vulnerable and elderly while at the same time making this part of the country a great place to live, to work and spend a holiday in.

It’s time for a new approach to politics. I will give half my salary and all other monies dedicated to paying staff to employ qualified people to work on behalf of the people I represent.

I am asking you to please give me your Number 1 vote and allow me to represent you in Dáil Éireann.