Nothing would provide as much sustained growth in the country as people starting and running their own business. There is absolutely no incentive for anyone to try it. There are far more reasons why a person would not go down this route.

If a person started their own business and it fails, they will not be able to draw unemployment or dole because they were self employed. If they get sick and cannot work they are not entitled to sick pay. If a young person goes off the dole to start a business they can apply for a small grant up to €2,500

If their application is successful they have to spend the agreed amount and produce the receipts to get the money back. How many young people would have this money available to them. It would make much more sense to pay this money directly to the applicant on approval of a viable business plan.

Businesses registered for VAT should have a special card which would mean they would not pay VAT on items that they would be claiming back from Revenue. This would provide huge time savings to both the company and the Revenue. If a person went into the North and bought a van for example all they need to do is give their VAT number and they are not charged the VAT. This is very unfair on traders in Border regions.